Let´s make nurturing and healthy baby wipes on your own!


  • Did you know that there are a lot of harsh and inappropriate chemicals in ready-to use baby wipes?
  • Ready-use baby wipes are expensive and may dry-out.

To avoid the whole problem, here is a quick do-it-yourself-recipe for cloth wipes using only healthy ingredients!


◊You can use this lotion for more or less than a month.

◊It can be used at home or on the road.


When you‘re at home, just moisten your cotton cloth wipes with the solution directly out of the bottle. When out and about, pour the liquid from the bottle over some cloths e.g. six pieces and store them inside a fancy wetbag or a box.

Basic formula:

♥ 1 empty  bottle (500ml and steril )

♥ 1 tablespoon organic coconut oil*

♥ 1 splash Weleda Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

♥ either a few drops of calendula oil* and/ or apricot oil*

♥ 500ml boiled, lukewarm water

Boil water and let it cool down a little bit. Add coconut oil (optionally calendula oil/ apricot oil) and a splash of organic baby washing lotion so that the ingredients can emulsify. The solution should mix well and have no foam. Pour the solution into the steril bottle. Finished!

You can use the pre-moistened clothes inside your wetbag for 1 or 2 days depending on the outside temperature. Inside the bottle the liquid  will remain stable for about 4 weeks.  When it´s getting to cold outside, the liquid may harden because of the coconut oil. If thats the case, just place the bottle at a warmer spot. Easy!

* coconut oil, calendula oil and apricot oil are perfectly suited for baby care due to their healthy features!

You need this as PDF? Here it is: Baby Wipes